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“Expatriates are at a higher risk for mental health and substance use compared to domestic workers, including depression, sleeping difficulties, and anxiety."

Truman et al., 2011



         Oxford, England

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2023 Master Series

Largest Trauma and Mental Health Conference in Europe

Having lived and raised a family in Europe for over 8 years, I uniquely understand the challenges and difficulties that expatriate adults, adolescents, and families face.

As a clinician, I have found there to be inadequate resources available to expat families to process their experience. My aim is to fill this need and give expatriate parents and children the tools they need to flourish.

My Story

The Vision

As an American who has lived eight years of my adult life abroad, I understand the challenges facing families and individuals living overseas. My husband and I moved to the Netherlands for my husband’s work when our boys were one, three and five years of age. This experience of life overseas as well as integrating back into the U.S. has given me a unique appreciation and understanding of the demands that expats and their families experience.

As an accomplished clinician with over 25 years of experience, I am passionate about equipping parents and teenagers with the tools they need to face the challenges of living overseas. I provide a virtual therapeutic relationship for my international clients to help ensure their expat adventure is positive and fulfilling.

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